Everyone has a unique story and no matter who you are, your story is important. Stories are how we’ve connected as human beings forFour-year-old Gentry Bronson reading a comic book thousands and thousands of years.

There are many ways to tell your story. Painting. Drawing. Speaking. Singing. Writing. You can turn your story into comic books and novels. Art installations and animated films. Songs and podcasts. Movies and streaming videos and TV shows. Your story can reach people and change them in miraculous ways.

Your story forms the basis for building your company. It’s the ground for the entrepreneurial visions you make into reality. It’s the purpose behind your organization and the heart of your foundation.

Your story inspires others.

This is four-year-old me. I read non-stop as a little kid, fascinated by the pictures in books and comics, and making up stories in my head even before I could read all the words. I imagined worlds based on the worlds others created. Then, I began to write music and words myself. I know what is to be a storyteller because I am one, too.

Let’s work together. The world needs your story and it’s valuable. Send me a message.

Photo by John Stennes.