I believe it’s very important to find time to reflect on the past and begin to see possibilities for the future.Gentry Bronson sitting barefoot on the step of a doorway in Santa Fe, New Mexico

I reached a lot of destinations and embarked on a lot of new journeys since this photo was taken. Each end always meant an overlapping beginning to something new.

Nate Duran took this pic at the end of 2007 while I was on tour in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Just over 14 years years ago! I see things in seven-year cycles, so this means I’ve lived a couple of sets of lifecycles in that time.

I’m still this person in some ways but also very different. I still like to be barefoot most of the time, but I’m no longer a touring musician. I still have all my hair, but there’s a little grey in my sideburns. I still get my coolest shirts from my brother, but I wear them for Mardi Gras and lots of other fantastic New Orleans events instead of on stage.

I love that I continue to change, grow, evolve, transition, and build from who I was to who I am. It’s insight and asking myself questions that help this process.

* What have you learned this year and over the last seven years?
* What have you given and what have you received?
* What do you want to achieve over the next year and the next seven years?
* What do you want to learn?
* What do you want to create?
* How do you want to impact the world?
* What does your future hold?

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