I’m fascinated when people say they get bored because I don’t understand how. Our minds are vast, incredible places where we can create anything.The words "You can travel anywhere, anytime, because you have a mind and an imagination" over the top of a Dawn DeDaux image

You can sit right where you are and have adventures. Why? Because you can think and you have an imagination. You have a memory where you can plunge into the past and you have the amazing ability to envision possible futures.

You can take yourself to the most unbelievable planets, fall in love with the most gorgeous and enthralling people, and have deep, meaningful connections right within yourself.

Look at kids playing. They’re able to entertain themselves with very little and can find incredible settings to place their unique characters while being in ordinary places.

You can be like a kid. Settle back into your mind and travel through it like it’s a movie or a book. It may not be a comedy-romance or an action-adventure, but you can enter your imagination and see where it takes you.

In our minds, we can discover answers, solve problems, and create new ways of thinking. Anytime we’re stuck or think the world is doomed, we can look within and see that it’s not.

There are infinite questions and infinite answers. Why be bored? Why be helpless or hopeless? We can create solutions with our imaginations.

The background image here is from artist Dawn DeDeaux’s “Calvary at Ground Zero: Louisiana’s Vanishing Landscape”.

I chose this image because I believe our world environmental crisis and the war and violence occurring in so many places can be changed with collective thought, imagination, planning, and collaborative work.

It’s possible. Everything is possible.