The best way to take care of others is to take care of yourself first. Practice being kind to yourself, and it’s easier to be kind to others.Young Gentry Bronson practicing piano

Today, do the work you need to be better yourself. Rehearse the music. Write the words. Get the work done. Make sure you are in the best place you can be, and then you will be there fully for everyone around you. Also, be compassionate with yourself. You deserve it.

When I was this kid in this photo, every day at about 5pm, my mom would say it was time to practice piano. She would set a wind-up kitchen timer, and I would crawl up on the piano bench in front of my old, out-of-tune, upright bar piano, and practice.

Without those hours at that piano, I would not have learned how to write and perform. I would not have learned how to play with other musicians. I would not have learned how to manage a band, lead people, and produce projects.

Every moment I worked on myself was a pebble thrown into the ocean that rippled out in an infinite series of ways, benefiting not only me but all those I came into contact with later.

You can throw that pebble for yourself today. Be the best person you can and that will help benefit the world.

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