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Featured Project

J. Sharland Day

J. Sharland Day is an author, visual artist, photographer, poet, and jeweler based in both Mexico’s Mayan Riviera and near Eugene, Oregon. Her books, stories, and articles include suspense, thriller, travel, romance, erotica, paranormal, and poetry. She is currently completing the manuscript of her new book titled “Under the Umbrella of Paradise”. The novel begins as a travel adventure from Colorado to Baja to the Yucatan, which rapidly transforms into a story of intrigue, natural disaster, and murder.

I have been her line-by-line editor, media producer, and creative literary consultant since we began working together on her book and writing in 2020. My team and I built her author website and currently manage her author platform, blog, and media pages. I’ve also edited and published all her stories, articles, poems, and photography. We’re now working on editing the novel manuscript. When completed, we will begin querying literary agents with the goal of traditionally publishing her new novel.

Colorful Dead of The Dead skull image and J. Sharland Day's author logo
City of New Orleans Information Technology and Innovation logo

Information Technology and Innovation (ITI) at the city of new orleans

ITI facilitates effective, COST-EFFICIENT use of technology spearheaded by assessment and deployment of tech-based business management solutions and strategies for the city of NOLA. I created, developed, and led an “Innovation Mindset Project Workshop” for ITI in 2022, including three days of interactive presentations at gallier hall.

Jenny Mundy-Castle author headshot

Jenny Mundy-Castle

Idaho-based writer and memoirist who finished her 8th book in January 2022 titled “Every Time I Didn’t Say No”, a memoir about consent. My team and I built her author platform including website and bio. I consulted her on the management of her blog and media campaigns and refresh of her media presence. I assisted with final edits on her memoir manuscript, and I consulted her on the development of her literary agent query and submission. list.

Walter Ego headshot

Walter ego 

Oregon-based singer and musician who writes and performs music inspired by 70s soul, Funk and Metal, 90s Seattle rock, and alternative genres. I was Walter’s creative business consultant and we worked collaboratively on music and media production along with his screenplay and venue development projects.

Poppa C’s BBQ

New Orleans-based specialty catering and BBQ pop-up business. I kicked off the strategy for the launch of Poppa C’s business and then developed and managed several media campaigns to promote and publicize them.

Mary Mac’s Doggie Retreat

New Orleans’ premier dog daycare and grooming facility featured on The Drew Barrymore Show and in People Magazine. I Was Business and Accountability Coach for owner and founder Courtney McWilliams.

Melissa Chrisco

Oklahoma-based personal trainer, motivational speaker and author. I Developed Melissa’s platform, media, brand, videos and story; creatively coached and edited her manuscript process; built her media platforms and website; and ran media and blog campaigns.

Justin Rayna

Award-winning composer, producer, percussionist, pianist, choreographer, stunt man and acrobat. I Ran media, marketing, promotion, production, and PR for Justin’s new album and live-streamed show, which included eight dance companies, three circus troupes, an 18-member orchestra, and six opening acts.

Piece of blue and white pottery artwork

Out of the Ashes Pottery

Chicago-based artist clay artist who creates both artistic and utilitarian pottery work. I was the Creative Business Coach to founder and artist Kimberly Muller and we developed her business concept and media strategy.

Marsha Bartenetti

Internationally known voiceover artist and singer. I Produced Marsha’s media platform, developed her electronic press kit, ran multiple media and marketing campaigns, promoted three of her albums, and managed the digital streaming distribution of her holiday album.


American host, on-air personality and entertainment influencer. I Built B-Nice’s electronic press kit, laid the groundwork for nonprofit benefiting children, and built in-roads for him to the event scenes in Las Vegas, Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles.

point2point Central

New Orleans-based website design and development company. I Built and managed media campaigns, Google Ads campaigns, produced new content, and developed strategy to reach new clients for the business.

Liliana Aranda at her spa Faces by Liliana

Faces By Liliana

Concierge skincare studio founded by award-winning skincare artist Liliana Aranda in California. Specialized in French-inspired beauty treatments, spa services, and skincare formulations. My team developed, designed, and manage their e-commerce website including development of online shops, launch of Bonjour Monthly, and development of Beautie Besties paris Tours. 

Nina's New Orleans Kitchen logo

Nina’s New Orleans Kitchen

Louisiana cooking and lifestyle brand. I Created and produced Nina’s brand, story, design concept, photo shoots, logo, website, video channel, media campaigns, messaging, and pitch deck including building her fanbase.

Patty Wetterling head shot

Patty Wetterling

Internationally-known child advocate, visionary, and educator. I worked with Patty to Develop her career transition and book strategy, developed media platforms, and was her Twitter media spokesperson.

Shaman Jean Shamanic Journeying album cover

Shaman Jean

New Mexico-based holistic healing business. I Strategized Jean’s story, messaging, and brand; digitally distributed her meditation album; launched her media page, and produced my team to develop her logo and website.

Collegeville Brokerage logo

Collegeville Brokerage

Minnesota-based concierge real estate company. My team Produced the design of their 24 North Lofts website and redesign of their main Brokerage website.

Photo of Aimee Gramblin

Aimée Gramblin

Writer of creative nonfiction, short stories, Memoir, music & pop culture, humor, feminism, women’s issues, and poetry based in Oklahoma. I have led a number of creative development sessions with her to write, edit, and publish her books and make decisions on her writing career.

Julie Mayhew profile photo

Julie Mayhew

San Francisco-based writer and founder of non-profit Sing Out of Darkness. I Was Julie’s Creative Coach and Editor for her book manuscript and blog articles.

Shelly Underwood head shot

Shelly Underwood

Writer, authority on the early 90s Seattle underbelly, and leading animal welfare advocate. I was Shelly’s Creative Coach and Content Editor for her new book Dive.

Ken Hanna profile photo

KLH Associates

Minnesota-based experts in anti-racism consulting, personal transitions, and executive and youth leadership. I Was Creative Business Coach to founder and owner Ken Hanna, and we developed his overall business plan, which included producing website content.

Christa Irene head shot

Christa Irene

arizona-based writer, photographer, and poet. I Was Christa’s Creative Coach and Mentor for her photography and poetry publication debut.

Razteria looking upward


San Francisco and France-based EDM, Pop, and World Music songwriter, singer, engineer and producer. I was Razteria’s Media Producer and oversaw her video channel, audio and video output, and public relations for the release of her new album Space to play in 2021.

Guitar, guitar amp, and bonsai trees

Brian Adams

Owner of Little Woods Bonsai and professional guitarist based in Colorado. I was his Creative Coach and Consultant helping to develop his bonsai business, make decisions regarding his music career and navigate career transitions.

Photo of Dr. Gregory P. Nelson in San Francisco

Dr. Gregory P. Nelson

San Francisco-based keynote speaker, Author, and Strength’s Coach. I Developed and released an episodic video series for Greg, produced his speaker preview reel, and developed and ran a nine-month media campaign.

Den Erickson with flowers in a pot

Deb Erickson

Trauma-informed healing practitioner who owns The Art of Healing in Minnesota. I was her Business Coach and we created her business goals, purpose, and plan including writing her bio and copy for her website and making a strategy to launch her business in 2022. 

Berp and Company logo

Berp and Company

California-based company helping musicians become better at what they do. They offer high-end musical accessories, produced locally using sustainable and recycled materials. My team and I developed their Instagram and Facebook Shops for online sales.

Painting of a Lily Pond by Dee Sidwell as sold by Art Works

Art Works

Art Studio and Gallery in Oakridge, Oregon founded by Toni Wassenberg. I was Toni’s Creative Business Coach prior to opening in 2022 and we collaborated on her business goals, purpose, strategy, and plan, which enabled her to establish her new business. 

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