Very young Gentry Bronson holding a Star Wars Droid PlaysetI love Misfits because I am one. We are the Outsiders and the Underdogs. The ones who were picked last for the team. We wore piano ties to school and got made fun of for getting good grades.

We didn’t have stylish clothes, but sometimes we had really cool Star Wars toys. We played D&D and computer games and listened to music that some thought was really weird.

It’s not the mainstream that changes the world. It’s the ones on the fringe who think differently. It’s not usually those in the cool gang or one of the popular kids who create invention, innovation, transform entertainment, or rip open the art world. It’s those who are laughed at and made fun of that make that happen. They stick to their beliefs and their vision no matter what people say.

I’m still that kid. The one in the photo who was outlandishly excited to receive the Star Wars Droid Factory playset for my birthday, so I could build my own droids. I’m still the kid with the bowl cut who grew up on the Farm in the middle of nowhere. I’m still the geek who played piano and the nerd with the puffy red jacket on the school bus.

I’ve been fighting against bullies all my life and now I fight for others with the same tenacity. I want to fight for you and your project. I will believe in it even if no one else will. Because I know that your idea could be the one that changes everything.

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This photo of young bowl cut me is by my mom in our living room on the Farm growing up.