In Junior High, I used to dress like this, and many kids and people in my hometown didn’t understand my piano tie or many things about me.Young Gentry Bronson wearing a piano tie and sunglasses

I didn’t care if people made fun of me, shoved me against lockers, beat me up, shoved me over on my bike, chased me in their pick-up trucks, or made fun of how I talked because I didn’t have their regional Midwest accents. Being me was the most important.

Overcoming bullies and popular kids’ teasing, taunting, and violence was part of my daily life. But I knew that perseverance would become valuable, and it has in the form of resilience, being able to step into the unknown and find adventures wherever I am.

What I overcame is what many people overcome. I believe that the people who change the world are the ones who don’t care what the herd does. They think outside the box, they color outside the lines, and they challenge group mentalities.

21st-century kids have their own challenges to overcome and their own bullies to stand up against. They are the new Underdogs, Outcasts, Heroes, and Change-makers. I stand with you.

One of these kids is doing their own thing, and they’re going to change the world for the better.

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