I sit at the Pontchartrain Lakefront near my home in New Orleans and meditate there often. It reminds me that everything is constantly, beautifully changing. The words Transition isn't always easy but it's filled possibilities over an image of Lake Pontchartrain

Transitioning from one thing to another is hard and it’s scary, but the more we do it, the easier it is. I know this very well from personal experience. It takes courage to take a risk and step into the unknown.

I read a lot about burn-out, existential crises, and people resigning from their jobs lately. It makes sense. The pandemic, climate change, and violent insurrections have an impact on people. What can we do about it?

I could write a bunch of meme-ish words to inspire you, but I’m not going to do that. You can use your infinite scroll to find those memes without me. Inspiration is up to you. You are the one that can embrace change, sail in uncharted waters, and reveal what’s still a mystery.

I will help by being the best person I can be every day. I’ll continue to do my best to make healthy, safe choices that don’t harm others or the environment. I’ll continue to work with you to write fabulous books, tell amazing stories, record groovy tunes, and make haunting films. I’ll continue to gently nudge you to quit your job and build the organization you always wanted to create.

I’ll continue to be your sidekick when you walk in a foreign land, even if that land is just in your mind. And when the world looks grim, I’ll do my best to help you laugh at the whole thing.

There’s an infinity of possibility in every, single, changing moment, and we have no idea what the next moment will offer.

Maybe today you fall apart. Maybe tomorrow you start over. It’s up to you.