Being ridiculous and silly is essential to living well! Gentry Bronson standing in a funny pose and pointing at the Rusty Rainbow Bridge in Crescent Park, New Orleans with the words "There is a lot of happiness to be found in being ridiculous"

Follow me, Dr. Bronson, over the Rusty Rainbow Bridge in Crescent Park here in New Orleans to a land of complete absurdity. Today, I recommend that you laugh a lot, take things less seriously, and act like a clown more often than usual.

Yes, yes, it’s important to be genuine, purposeful, and productive, but there is also depth and creativity in having a good laugh. Loosen up, get playful, make things less grandiose, and have some fun. Maybe try to achieve less and find your inner fool today…or all week!

I hear people talk about how awful things are in the world all the time. There is darkness, that is true. I could list ten terrible things happening in the world right now. I’m a goth at heart, so I get it. But, really, if you stop and think about it, there is also a lot to laugh at and find joy in right now.

Recently, Whitney and I went and had a picnic here and we decided to do an impromptu photo shoot. (If you haven’t noticed, I use photos and create memes to help promote my media and creative agency.)

She got this shot and another one of me leaping in the air like a surrealistic ‘froag’. I liked this one because I thought I looked like a crazed Hunter S. Thompson on holiday.

Now, go have some fun!