“Where do you find your power and strength?” That’s what sculptor and musician Lonnie Holley asks on the placard by this wonderful mixed media sculpture. Sculpture by Lonnie Holly with the words "Tell your story".

His piece is called “Supported by the Power” and I’ve seen it many times at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

How do I answer the question Holley poses? One of the places I find power and strength is in my story.

We’re all storytellers. Every single human being on the planet. We take our memories, knowledge, and experiences and create stories for people around us to relate to them. To entertain them. To communicate with them. To be able to show who we are.

Telling our stories is so very important and it’s one of the main focuses of my life. I’ve had the opportunity to tell many stories using music and writing.

My stories help me translate memories, feelings, emotions, and thoughts with autobiography and fiction. Sounds and literature. Hearing and reading. Imagination and memory.

You have your own story to tell and you can use any medium to tell that story. Writing and music are just my tools. You can use art, film, photography, dance, theatre, and even cooking, too!

** Do you want to tell your story but aren’t sure where to begin?
** Are you in the middle of telling your story but you don’t know how to reach an audience?
** Are you stuck and need a gentle push?

I can help. Get in touch. Send me a message.