When you visualize what you want, do you picture every aspect of it? Gentry Bronson pointing toward a mountaintop in North Carolina

Imagine what it feels like when you get there. The feel of the wind on the mountaintop. The sound of the audience applauding you on stage. The smell of your published book when you open the front cover for the first time.

The next step is to know what your purpose is. Why do you want that feeling?

Your reason might be that you want to help make the world better. Maybe you want to give people joy from your art. Or it could be that you feel your story could help those who are suffering. Money, fame, and notoriety are secondary.

Your intention is not just a goal or what you want. It’s the reason for getting there. Purpose is what you will need with things get difficult, and they usually do get difficult at some point in every project.

Envision the goal and set a purpose to reach it. After that, making it happen will be easier than you think.

And, remember to enjoy getting to your destination by celebrating yourself along the way!