What does a producer do? We see the global vision of a project. We rise up above the details and see the entire project fromGentry Bronson looking left with a quote under his photo inception to release.

That’s what I help you do. You are the one closest to your work and your story. When you’re deeply enmeshed in the details, it’s my job to be able to see everything at sky-level.

When you’re fine-tuning the words you’ll speak or editing your manuscript, I’m thinking of your video channel, blog, podcast, and website. When you’re in post-production making sure the video editing is perfect, I’m thinking about behind-the-scenes posts for your media campaign.

When it feels like everything is going to fall apart before the unveiling of a new business or the launch of a new app, it’s my job to reassure you and everyone on the team that it won’t. Everything will be ok.

Seeing the whole picture is what I enjoy. I love the creative process from the spark of a new idea, to developing the production plan. From gently nudging the team, to helping organize the celebration that kicks off the project for your customers, clients, readers, viewers, and fans.

And when you’re taking a bow, I’m already planning the next steps to continue your success.

That’s what I do. I’m a producer of stories, media, and creativity.

Message me to start a conversation about your project.