I specialize in visionary media and creative projects and in working with entrepreneurs and innovators of all types. My core service offerings include the following, but I will custom create a plan based on your goals.

What I Do


Coaching & Mentorships

Are you in need of Creative Coaching to get your book, music, art, film or organization moving? Do you need help finding your inner drive and passion? Do you need a Mentor to stick with you throughout the whole process?

We’ll work together to find your Voice, develop your Models, establish who your Target Audience is, and help tell your Story to reach the Audience you want to impact.

Goals, Purpose, Strategy & Success

Do you know what you Want? Do you know Why? Do you know How to make that happen? Are you feeling overwhelmed and need help to make your Vision realized?

We will work collaboratively to determine Goals are and then prioritize those Goals into a reachable production or project plan. We’ll make sure each Goal is driven by a healthy, well-thought out Purpose, then develop a Strategy to make it happen successfully.

Public Presence & Platforms

Do you have a Public Presence on the web and elsewhere? Does your Audience know who you are? Every creative project needs a way to reach people, and, in addition to helping you produce your project, we’ll help you build your Platform.

We build your Presence by developing your Story, then determine how to best represent you with a website or e-commerce site. Then, we’ll build your social media platforms, video channels, blogs, and media needed.

Media Campaigns

Does Social Media overwhelm you? Are you having trouble writing Blogs or creating Videos for your Readers and Viewers? Do you find it takes too much time to produce content? Do you not know where to start? 

To tell your story effectively and reach the right audience, we’ll develop your content with you and roll-out a Media Campaign that is diverse, consistent and engaging. Media is a valuable way to build your story and your audience with Posts, Tweets, Blogs, Music, Videos and Ads.

Producing & Strategy

Do you need help developing and sticking to a Writing Routine? Have you created a Production Plan to make your film or album happen? Have you taken the steps to outline your Services in detail for your clients and customers? What’s your Strategy to release your project?

We’ll help you build a strategy and production plan, then assistant you reach your milestones, complete tasks and hit deadlines. Producing a project can get overwhelming, and we’ll take the pressure off so you can focus on doing your creative and entrepreneurial work.

Writing, Music, Video, Business & Art

Are you an Author, Musician, Filmmaker, Business Owner, Leader, Change-maker, Artist, Photographer or Public Speaker? We have worked with, and are, people just like you!

Our experience in entertainment, media and digital gives us the experience to help you:

  • Write your manuscript providing deep-level content editing, assist you to develop literary queries and book proposals, and do self-publishing production and design.
  • Produce video channels, episodic video series, speaker preview reels and pitch decks.
  • Compose, write, produce, and release your music including digital distribution to streaming services and assistance with licensing strategies.
  • Build creative routines, developing portfolios of work, plan release events and change the world.