I’m not on this beach in this photo right now. Though I was recently and it was magnificent. Where I am now in New Orleans is just as important to me as that Nosara beach was then.Gentry Bronson on a beach in Costa Rica

Where you are right now, in this very moment, is the place you need to be. Why? Because that’s where you are. Trying to be anywhere else is, well, silly.

You can accomplish what you want from where you are right now. You can be happy or sad. Laugh, cry, have a breakdown, or be jubilant. It’s true, you might have to shovel snow or deal with rain. Dogs barking or traffic or Zoom calls. But where you are is good.

Trust me, I’ll be surfing again soon, and I’ll be this beach bum. That person never leaves me. He’s inside me right now. And as I sit here preparing for a day of work with clients, laptop in front of me and coffee beside me, light rain coming down in NOLA, I know right here is perfect. Because it’s where I am.