There is remarkable opportunity in reinvention. Sometimes you have to step back, take a look at who you are, decide who you want to be, then make the changes to be that person. Pivot. Change. Embark.Gentry Bronson playing piano live

You may have had one career and now you want a different one. You may have lived in one place and now you want to move. You may have created one kind of art, written one kind of book, made one kind of film, led one type of organization, produced a certain genre of music, and now you want to make something completely new.

We all live different lives during our lifetimes. I’m no different as I’ve had a lot of different labels. This photo is from my “punk rock barefoot pianist” phase taken during a show in Santa Fe while on tour. I’ll always be punk rock, and I’ll always be a pianist, singer, and musician, and…I’m barefoot right now as I type this! But I am so much more than those labels.

I want to help you transition to the next phase of your life and work. Help you to build that new “you”, that new project, that new version of your business. Call it a ‘rebrand’, a ‘redesign’, or a ‘rebirth’. To me, those words are all interchangeable. To me, everyone can be Ziggy Stardust one day and David Bowie the next, in any career and any lifetime.

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