“Work” is a bad word to a lot of people. It’s also considered something we should do well, hard or fast, and that we should dislike it but also get meaning from it. Wow, that’s a lot and not how I feel.Gentry Bronson standing in the door way of a World War Two bunker in the Marin Headlands, California

If you redefine work and begin to see it with a different perspective, it can become nearly anything you want, including “play”.

Play is something we like. Children do it all the time. Musicians and sports professionals are paid to do it. But as adults, it becomes an elusive thing. Many believe it’s something that only a privileged few get to do. Why?

To me, my work has nearly always felt like play. I was a professional musician for a long time and got paid to play. When that profession stopped feeling like play, I pivoted to something new.

Now, I work with others who play and we play together, creating books and stories, songs and videos, podcasts and exhibitions, using our imaginations to devise strategies for businesses and organizations.

What does work mean to you? Does it make you happy or is it a drag? How often do you play? And how often are work and play combined for you?

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This photo of me was taken by Kristen Gerbert for my ‘No War’ album. We did this part of the shoot in the Marin Headlands just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge near San Francisco.