We face challenges all the time, and we can see them as obstacles or as opportunities. Sometimes we have to look at things in a new way to be able to see the chances we’re being offered.Gentry Bronson on the beach looking right

2020 made most of us look at things differently, and 2021 continues to do the same. Plans have changed. Some careers and jobs no longer exist. Projects look radically different. Your sense of safety and security may feel uneasy. So, what do you do now?

Now is the best time to take a step back and really decide what you want. Take a step away and get some bigger perspective. Now is an opportunity to evaluate your life and work and make change happen.

This photo of me by Aida Daay is from a time when I was facing huge change. I knew it and I didn’t want it. You might be feeling that way now. At that time, I hadn’t yet embraced the change I knew I needed to make. I fought against it. When I did accept the challenge and step into the unknown, it made everything clearer. It took some time, risk, failure, and heartbreak, but eventually, it paid off.

My Grandpa LB used to say, “Sometimes you have to take a left and put on a new suit of clothes.” In my case, I took a left and put on a new pair of flip flops.

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