A bust statue of Siddhartha Gotama.The world needs heroes. Icons in our fields. Mentors that instruct us how to be better. Models for our creativity, work, and success. Examples of how to be as human beings. Strong, compassionate leaders.

I believe that if we emulate our heroes, then we can become like them. Not exactly them, but a version of them. If we aspire to be as good as them, to reach what they reached, and to use them as inspirations to create our own work, then we become heroes for others.

This becomes a cycle of heroism. One hero inspiring others. A continuous chain of people inspiring others to do better and be better. To create and evolve. To be radical. To shift what is believed so that it opens new doors and new ways of thinking.

That’s who the Buddha was for me. Known as Siddhartha Gotama originally. I’m sure you have your own heroes. And I know that you can become a hero, too.

We need heroes right now because there is so much suffering. So much anger and fear. We need people to tell stories and help people get along. Inspire people to be courageous and collaborate. To build bridges and not tear them down. To see that we’re all in this together on this planet earth.

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