Of all the stories and songs in the world, the greatest ones are true. Or, at least, mostly true. Gentry Bronson standing in a vintage suit wearing a fedora with the words "Our best stories and songs comes from our own experiences."

I believe that when people create using their own experiences, the work they make is the best. There is no better source of inspiration than your own life.

I’m a songwriter and a storyteller. This photo was taken 22 years ago when I was in the middle of writing a lot of music, but I still hadn’t released an album under my own name. Since then, I’ve written and produced many albums and published many stories.

Eight years ago, I pivoted to a career as a producer and founded a media and creative agency. Now, in addition to my own creative work, I do creative development and work with clients to help them tell their stories.

I work with many forms of media and creation including writing, music, video, visual art, food, performance, and entrepreneurship.

In my experience, I’ve found that the work which resonates the most with people is almost always from the truth. You don’t need to hide behind a veneer. Your story is a remarkable one.

Craft your stories into books and albums. Make art from your universe. Take photos based on your world. Write plays, scripts, and musical compositions using what you know. Use your experience to build businesses and organizations.

Your story is valuable and people want to hear it.

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