Gentry walking out into a Dutch seaThis a time of change. You might be feeling lost. I want to help you find out what’s next and how to make that happen.

I work with Innovators, Change-Makers, Entrepreneurs, Writers, Public Speakers, Musicians, Artists, Photographers, Filmmakers and other Creatives. From around the U.S. and around the world.

Together as a team, I work with you to build your media platform and the plan to successfully accomplish your goals. All driven by a strong purpose.

This is a photo of me taken on Terschelling Island in The Netherlands by Sacco Koster. I performed 2 shows there at the Oerol Festival in 2014. Oerol is a an amazing theater and music festival that takes place every June. It was sadly canceled this year due to COVID, but it is expected to return in 2021.