Media campaigns, social media, and creating a platform for you and your work is very important in the 21st century. Lately, we’ve seen it usedThailand mountains for both good and bad causes. But, one of the most important things when it comes to using media is to make sure and save something for yourself.

I’ve been working in media for a long time. As an entertainer who was in the spotlight from a very young age. And as a producer who started working behind-the-scenes during the first dotcom boom in the 90s in San Francisco. I know how important it is to put yourself out there so you and your work can be seen, heard, watched, read, bought, and experienced.

But save something for yourself. Keep some things just for you. Sometimes, that photo doesn’t need to be posted. Your pets, kids, family, friends, or partners don’t need selfies with you. Nothing needs to be tweeted, no hashtag needs to be added, and no video needs to be put on your channel.

Just enjoy where you are. Capture it with your memory. Savor being right there. Your story and media will still be there after you take in that moment for yourself.