Gentry Bronson singing into a microphoneWhat have you created that means as much to you as your closest family? What have you produced that came from your deepest soul?

If you’re a creator, to me, you’ve given birth every time you produce your work. Every sentence, every lyric. Every painting, photograph, sculpture, and edited minute of film. Every single time you made moves to launch your business or improve your organization. Every presentation you’ve given and every leadership decision you’ve made.

All those hours, weeks, and months. Hovering over a laptop or a tablet. Staring into a screen. Crossing out lines and rewriting rhymes. All those hours standing in the studio, eyeing a blank canvas. Reshaping, rebuilding, returning again and again. To create something remarkable.

It doesn’t always feel remarkable though, does it? Sometimes what you make fills you with such deep disappointment and frustration. It’s not right. It’s not what you envisioned. But you don’t stop, do you?

What I do is help you when it gets tough. When burn-out is close. When the overwhelming feeling comes. When the feeling grows that you’re all alone creating your work. But you’re not alone. My team and I have got your back.

Need help? Message me. And share this with anyone who might need a gentle nudge.