What’s the best advice a therapist ever gave me? “Gentry,” he said, “Sometimes, you just gotta say ‘Fuck it’.”
Ancient statue of a dragonThat might not be what living in the moment means to you. Maybe it’s some other concept or maybe it’s too much to even think about because you’re too busy to consider living right now.

But that’s the point. This is the moment to consider. The other stuff doesn’t matter. Getting to the next thing is not as important as now. Your list is unimportant. Your worries, too. Yesterday is too late and tomorrow is too soon. Now is literally the only thing.

Death comes quickly. Life exists only now. So, fuck it, now is the time to write that book, song, poem, or script. Now is when you learn to finally play the piano or dance the tango.

Now is when you tell them you love them. Now is when you plunge into the sea or climb the mountain. And now is when you choose to do nothing at all. That’s right. Living inside the moment sometimes just means laying on your couch staring at the ceiling.
If this is your last moment, make it a good one.