I often think that everything is ridiculous. Like, uncontrollably, hilariously silly. Absurd in the best way. So, I laugh. And sometimes, this brilliant shining world of ridiculousness laughs with me.Gentry Bronson laughing near a bayou

My friends and my clients. The people I love. We belly laugh and fountains of joyful tears roll down our cheeks. Because it’s funny. All of it.

There are many times that I think the natural world is laughing with us, too. The trees are shaking so hard with laughter that their leaves rustle. The wind curls up in balls of laughter, then blows its breeze like it can’t stop.

Swans and squirrels and dogs and cats and pelicans and snails all giddy laughing. Who and what are they laughing at? Us! And all our seriousness about things that may not be so serious.

The sun laughs at us as it settles in for the night. The moon rises up beaming with a sheepish grin. The sky beams with blazing blue laughter.

Rains come down in showers of hilarity. Fog gathers like it’s holding it in and just wants to explode with cackles. The stars are laughing in infinite streams of pinpointed light.

If there is an inside joke shared with grass and insects, rivers and bears, the ocean, and phosphorescent fish, I want to be a part of it. When dolphins giggle and crows guffaw, I want to be there with them. Sharing the gag.

So, laugh today and every day. And remember that no matter how serious or difficult it may seem, there’s always something to smile about. A spark in the eye. A little wink.

Just the smallest thing can be the brightest light illuminating how funny all of it is. A spotlight into all our comedic souls.