2020 and 2021 have been difficult years for many people, but the light continues to grow at the end of this long, dark tunnel. Statue of human being with their head in their hands

Vaccinations are available nearly everywhere in the US and are becoming more prevalent worldwide. People are traveling more freely and seeing their family and friends. Economic assistance has come for many, and we are communicating together about hope. The world broke in many ways, and now it’s becoming whole again in a slightly different way.

We all break. We all crash and burn. This pandemic was a collective, international disaster, but individually, we all have small deaths, too. Careers die, love goes away, we burn out, we become emotional disasters, we lose our footing.

But we find it again. We find new career paths and new relationships. We find the passion. Our sadness becomes joyfulness. We stand on wobbly legs, we walk again, then we run again.

Change is inevitable, and sometimes breaking apart is exactly what is needed to become what we want to be.

I can help with this transition, this transformation. I can help you discover a new career, a new goal, a new purpose. Get in touch. Let’s rise up together. Message me.