There is music in everything. The rhythm of words as they’re written. Sentences wrapping around each other and building the soundtrack of our stories. Gentry Bronson with sunglasses on and the words "I believe there is music in everything."

The way the world moves through a camera lens. Images dancing to the pulse of the world.

Voices speaking, singing, storytelling, and typing. Creating characters and inspiring people. Relating to people. Changing the way people think and act.

Yes, also most definitely in the way musical instruments intersect together. Pianos, horns, strings, synthesizers, drums, guitars, turntables, and all matter of sounds blending.

But also in the sounds of all that’s around us. The clink of glasses. Traffic. Children playing. Dogs barking and birds chirping. Construction and cities humming. Ocean waves and wind across fields. Rainstorms and thunder and quiet and stillness. The great soundtrack of everything.

It’s in the music of the world that we find creation. The way everything works together like an orchestra. I love to sit in it and just listen. Then, I create with what I hear.

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