Nearly every day, I think about fantastic it is to be able to grow, learn, and change. I can’t imagine having done one thing all my life, and I’m so thankful to have had different careers, lived in different countries and states, traveled, surfed, performed, produced, and had tons of adventures.A dragonfly sitting on top of a sculpture called Karma by Korean artist Do-ho Suh

Recently, I took this photo of my favorite piece in the Besthoff Sculpture Garden at the NOMA. The artwork is called “Karma” by Korean artist Do-ho Suh. It depicts a series of men holding their hands over each other’s eyes rising into the sky in a spine shape to infinity.

On that day I visited the garden, a dragonfly had amazingly landed on the very top. Symbolically, this is what evolving means to me: becoming something new.

To change. To challenge yourself. To learn new things. To discover new people and places. To face your fears or to find new courage you didn’t know you had. To go from blindness to flight.

Is it time to make a change? In this time of the Great Resignation and the pandemic, I see possibilities everywhere. There are amazing opportunities to transition from one thing to another right now. Both personally and professionally, there is enormous potential.

This is your moment.