The more people I meet and the more places I live in and travel to, the more I discover our commonalities, but I also learn how weird everyone and everywhere is. That universal strangeness is such a beautiful thing.Gentry Bronson walking on the beach

I was talking with my friend, Joyce, last week, and she recently moved to Arizona after living in California for 40 years. At one point, she said in a jubilant way, “It’s weird here!” I responded with the quote in this meme, because that’s exactly, exuberantly how I feel.

I find the similarities in our weirdnesses. And I find it hilarious (and sad) when people put others down who just live across a border of a county, parish, state, or country. Fear drives some really weird behavior.

Go somewhere new today and talk to someone you don’t know. Try to find your similarities even if you disagree, and if you do disagree, laugh with each other.

If you’re vaccinated, travel. It could be 1 mile or 10,000 miles away. Just go, wear a mask in public, and learn from where you go. You may find that someplace else is similar to what you know. But it’ll be weird, too, and that part will be really cool.