Your story from now forward will be written by you because you have more influence on your story than any force in the expanding universe. Gentry Bronson walking toward the end of a dock on a Lake toward a mysterious building with the words "Everything from this point forward is a story we have yet to tell".

You know everything that’s happened in your life up until now. The whole story was written, and as far as I know, there’s no time machine to go back and change it.

What’s coming next is a total mystery. You can foretell some of your future. You know that you may get a drink soon and maybe you’ll click on a link you see. But it grows hazy after that.

You get to choose your next adventure, set the goal, till the soil, plant the seeds, move the muscles, and activate the parts of your brain that will lead you to the next thing.

What will you choose? You’re the hero in your own adventure. What do you want to do with the rest of this hour? This day? This year? This life?

I suggest starting smaller than your whole life. But you decide what comes next, no matter how out of control your life and the world may seem today.

You get to decide if it’s coffee or tea, if it’s a walk or a run, and whether you click the link or shut off your devices for the rest of the day. You get to be the narrator of your story.


This is a photo taken by my wonderful friend, photographer Sandy Kierzek. I was right at a pivot point in my life years ago. I had dreams of where I wanted it to go and also no inkling where I might end up.

From this photo to now, I made my 11th and 12th albums. I toured Europe a 7th time. I changed careers and started a successful media and creative agency. I moved from California to Mexico to Minnesota to New Orleans, and I’m weeks from celebrating my 5-year anniversary of being a New Orleanian.

Before I wrote songs and compositions, now I write stories and articles. Before I produced my own artistic work and now I produce my clients’ wonderful work. Now, I choose coffee, meditation, swimming, and writing these words to you. That’s the story of my next few hours.

If you need help writing the next chapter in your story, get in touch with me. Go to my contact page and send me a message.