You’ve got a powerful voice filled with incredible meaning. It may not be a voice you sing with, but it’s a voice inside you that is like no other because it’s uniquely you.Gentry Bronson singing into a microphone

Your voice is your past and who are you right now. It’s your successes and triumphs. Your romances and your broken heart dances. It’s all your bruises and beatdowns. It’s the blood that ran down your face when you hit the street, and it’s your soul when your heart was shattered.

It swells when you hear applause and grows stronger when it’s lonely, lost, and broken. It beats with a rhythm that drives you forward, whispering in loss, and screaming in ecstasy. If you stop, you can hear your voice right now.

Take your voice and speak with it. Sing with it. Write with it. Get out under that spotlight, in front of that laptop, on that stage with that microphone, and breathe life into it. From the blues to a Hip Hop symphony, from a Broadway musical to your first punk rock basement show, you can use your voice to imagine and build anything.

I am this guy in this photo. On stage, singing with everything I had. My voice came out in songs and on pianos and keys. In words and in music. On stages and in studios. On albums and through sound systems. It still does. Now, I also use my voice to help people find their voices.

Take all that pain and all those stories you have, all those adventures, all those paths you’ve been down, your dark times, and your shining moments of glory, and bring them to life.

Let’s make this happen. You’ve got a voice to use. I’m ready. Are you? Message me.

Photo by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer John Stennes (aka Catfish) at the Pioneer Place on Fifth theatre.