Gentry Bronson singing on stageWe all live many lives within this precious life. We have many careers, friendships, and adventures. Many people come through our stories,and many stories begin, end and begin again.

I used to be a full-time professional writing, recording, performing, instructing musician. Before that, I was a producer and project manager in San Francisco’s internet world. Before that, I was a DJ, poet, bartender and fish thrower. A dishwasher and a magazine marketer. A copywriter, an editor. A research assistant and a beach bum. In between, I did even more things.

Now, I run my own business helping people and organizations produce their projects. I help tell stories, and I use every skill I’ve learned to assist with that. Entertainment, music, literature, and art. Media and web. Storytelling and strategizing to help people be successful and have fun doing it.

What I know is that there is no end to what can happen. The possibilities are endless.

I also know that change is happening right now, every moment, everywhere. I love that. Riding that beautiful wave of possibility is one of the coolest things about being alive.

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