Many have wanted to write an album or a book, but not many do it. Even fewer write multiple albums and multiple books. And even fewer are successful and make a living doing it.Gentry Bronson playing piano on stage

This is not a bad thing, because it means that there is room for lots of new creations in the world. There’s a lot of opportunities out there during good times and bad.

How do you persevere and make your film, open a successful business, or change a world that still has many flaws? How do you end racism, open doors to new ways of thinking, and transform people’s views with a story?

Do the work. And keep doing it.

The photo in this post is of me sweating on stage, as I did for many years on many stages in many places around the world from a young age. I know what it is to work, and I can help you do the work.

Get in contact.