Gentry Bronson sitting in a black button-up shirtYou are a storyteller. We all are. It’s what makes us human beings.

It began thousands of years ago, communicating with symbols and sounds. We told our stories as autobiographies and mythologies, using our voices, paint, and drums.

Now our creative mediums have expanded. Some of us write. Others play musical instruments. Some paint or sculpt. Others take photographs. Some sing and others dance.

Our desire to tell our stories has never changed, and that’s why you’re a storyteller.

You may be a no-holds-barred comedian or a contemporary multi-media artist. You may be an action filmmaker or a traditional rug weaver. You may be trying to convince someone to buy the thing you made, or you may be telling the story of the big fish that got away.

The genres change, the subjects change, but the desire to weave the narrative thread doesn’t.

The miraculous thing about stories is that they never end. That’s one of the reasons why I love telling them and helping others tell theirs.

Let’s tell your story. Get in contact.

Nate Duran took this photo of me while I was on tour as a storytelling, barefoot singer/songwriter/pianist a handful of years ago.