There is no better person to celebrate you than YOU!Gentry Bronson wearing a t-shirt and smiling in front of the New Orleans Museum of Art

You’re an incredible dancer, a fabulous painter, and a marvelous photographer. You write like a dynamic poet and sing like a rock ‘n’ roll angel. You’re a badass musician, an awesome engineer, a magnificent designer, a brilliant leader, and a phenomenal entrepreneur.

You’re a talented and skilled professional, and you have amazing experience doing what you do. You have produced some really amazing work, and you deserve to take a step back and self-celebrate.

Success is defined by you. When you reach a goal, it’s important to stop, appreciate how hard you’ve worked for your achievement, and celebrate your success. Be your own fan and applaud yourself!

I know and I get it. I’ve been the one under the spotlight many times who continued to strive and push for the next thing. The next song, album, video, tour, project, or milestone. There sometimes didn’t seem to be enough applause, growth, or money. So, I pushed harder. Burnout was just around the corner.

When I stopped to truly appreciate how much I had accomplished, that’s when I started to relax and enjoy the ride. I really got to know the people I worked with and also those who appreciated my artistry and work. I became my own fan.

Party for yourself today. You choose how you want to celebrate, but make it something that makes you feel tons of love inside. You deserve it!

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