You can choose today to be remarkable. Choose to be the best at your work and at living your life. To produce something miraculous. To beStatue of golden Buddha sitting in the snow with crystals in his lap kind to those around you and to be a good human being.

You have the choice to experience the snow but not feel the harshness of cold. The choice to prepare for the hurricane but not fear the oncoming storm. The choice to breathe fresh air after the fire but not dwell on what may have been lost.

Now is the perfect time to begin. The perfect time to continue what may have been set aside. The perfect time to set a goal to finish, to launch, to unveil, and to celebrate.

Now is the time to tell people you love them. Now is the time to vote. To stand up for what is right. To come together in community. To see that all of us live on this earth together, that we all want to be happy, and that no one wants to suffer.

Be remarkable today. All it takes is one simple, small step forward.

This photo of a Buddha statue was taken in the woods outside my parent’s house in Minnesota. It’s one of my mom’s many Buddhas.