When I was 14 years old, I used to paint my fingernails. Sometimes all black and sometimes paint a few white, too. As an adult in my 40s, I still like to get my toes and fingernails done up, sometimes at 3am.Hands playing a piano with one painted fingernail

It’s a simple thing, but everything you do, everything you say and don’t say, every note you play and every word you write, every piece of jewelry and wardrobe choice, your lipstick and your lack-of, your hats and your sneakers and your tattoos, these all make you into you.

Don’t worry about trends, just inhabit who you are. Don’t be concerned about living up to the expectations of others. You are just fine the way you are.

Whatever you decide to create – if it comes from a place of honesty – is going to be awesome.

This photo was taken by my friend, photographer Sandy Kierzek, while I played the baby grand in the beautiful cathedral at St. John’s not so long ago.