Now in May 2021, I wish everyone around the world a peaceful and transformative transition from this month and season into the next one!Buddha statue

I hope you continue to laugh a lot, create a lot, and feel abundance in the next days, weeks, and months. I hope you have adventures, stay healthy, and treat everyone around you with genuine love and kindness.

I hope you take deep breaths, listen to the wind, feel the sun, and take time for yourself. I believe that being there for yourself is what makes it possible to be there for others. Be gentle with yourselves and be your best for everyone around you.

I hope everything you’ve been incubating becomes the art, words, music, organizations, and purpose-filled projects you want. I’m excited to work with you!

Above all, appreciate right now. It’s not a memory, and it’s not a story. It’s just where you are. Mystical or magical. Magnificent or minimal. Simple or slippery or complex or calm. It’s everything in one!