Gentry Bronson smiling with eyes closedOne of the best things you can do is nothing. No matter how much you feel you have to do and whatever you think you need to accomplish right now, it may not be as important as doing nothing.

Lay in a park. Sit on your porch. Walk through a forest. Float in a tub. Drift around in a river. Look at the clouds drift by. Listen to the ocean. Watch a train pass or a plane fly overhead. Gaze out the window. Don’t intentionally do anything.

You can race around at the speed of light trying to accomplish everything, but you never will. There will always be something to do. A piece to finish. A sentence to write. A manuscript to edit. A phone call to make. A text to send. A child to teach. A friend to meet.

What if you didn’t do that thing? What if you asked your child or friend to do nothing with you? Imagine that.

I do a lot of things when I work with clients and collaborate with people. When we begin planning how to make a project happen, I usually suggest that they build in doing nothing. Some of the best creative and innovative ideas come from doing nothing.

It works. Want to find out if it does? Get in touch.

Click on my Story page for some of my background. When you read it, remember I did a lot of nothing in between all the something.