Palm tree on a beach in Paamul Mexico Do we need to go somewhere to be happy and creative? To a beach, mountain top, or cabin? Do we need to reach retirement, or win a big award, or buy a dream home to find paradise?

My belief is that paradise is already with us. We create it ourselves and we can create it anywhere. Even in the most strange, anxiety-filled, dire circumstances, we can find beauty, calm, and creative spark.

Sometimes those dark, gritty, and dangerous places are exactly where we find a gentle direction, inner focus, and the idea or innovation we’ve been looking for.

But this means defining paradise for ourselves. What is it? What makes us happy? What makes us calm and centered? What gives us a reason to wake up?
I feel lucky to have experienced marvelous ups and miserable downs in life. There have been times where I felt I was in the darkest dungeon and also times I was on the most wonderful beach.

This photo is one of those actual beaches in Mexico where I’ve spent years of my life. This doesn’t mean that this place was always a paradise because it wasn’t. I created beautiful and ugly times there myself.

I’m not a wizard but I think I’ve met some, read words by others, heard the music, and seen the art of others. Because wizardry, like paradise, is a creation.

I’m writing knowing that there is a wonderful place in our minds where paradise rests. Not so much a place, but an experience.

Like Goldilock’s porridge, it’s not too hot and it’s not cold. It’s just right. A tuned string that is not too tight or too loose. Practicing getting that string and that porridge just right makes it easier, too. If you stay on the path and not wander off like Dorthy occasionally did in Oz, there’s Emerald Cities ahead.

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