Photo of a heart-shaped piece of coralNature reminds us that we’re all a part of something filled with soul and spirit. No matter what you believe, there is magic found in what’s around us. The ocean and waves. Trees and mountains. The sun and rain. The night sky and the shaking of thunder.

There is also this same heart, soul, and spirit in what we create. We create by giving birth to babies and raising families. But we also create by making art, writing novels, and telling stories. Composing symphonies, making punk rock, DJing, and playing piano. Performing Broadway musicals, hip hop dance, country songs, and comedy routines. Sculpting clay, blowing glass, directing films, shooting photographs, making cookbooks, and spitting poetry. This is all soul. All heart. All passion.

I’m offering 4-week Creative and Passion Coaching packages right now, and I have a few spots left for new clients.

Contact me. Let’s talk about what you want to create.