Four-year-old Gentry Bronson dressed up as Robin HoodThere is no better time to tell your story. No matter how old you are, we all have an amazing tale to tell. An

amazing story of how we got to now. We’re all our own heroes, and we create our own myths and legends.

This is a photo of one of those legends. A very young Robin Hood. It was before Maid Marian and the Merry Men and the Sheriff of Nottingham. And before he traded in his sneakers for some leathery boots.

Thanks to my mom for making this costume and for capturing this photo of a young me acting as one of my favorite outlaw legends. Thanks also to my dad for making this bow and arrow with me from a tree branch.

The legendary Robin is a part of my story. After all, I’ve always connected most with the outlaw, the pirate and the misfit.

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