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My team and I work on projects with creatives and professionals of all kinds. We specialize in working with writers, artists, musicians, public speakers, entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers.


I worked with Gentry Bronson when I was at a critical stage in my artistry. I've always admired his work and really valued his insights in terms of how he managed his brand. His insights have enriched my music and have allowed me to grow as an artist. I highly encourage those looking to grow as an artist to seek out his services.

Julie Mayhew, Writer and Founder of Sing Out of Darkness

You're a real joy to work with, to partner with, to shoot the breeze with and one of these days to do music with. Thanks for the amazing work you're doing with us creatives and professionals who want to influence and impact the world for good!! It's so powerful to have our missions align like they have! Keep up the amazing work, Gentry!

Dr. Gregory P. Nelson, Professional Keynote Speaker and Author of The Strategic Stop

Gentry, you were brilliant in all your creative ideas and helped me so much. How I appreciate you!

Marsha Bartenetti, Nationally known Jazz Singer and Voiceover Artist

Thank you so much for your insight. I don't think I'd have gotten this far...I know because I hadn't up to this point, so job well done, sir!

Kmae, Author, Artist and Community Organizer

To anyone interested Gentry knows his business. He worked closely with me to create Nina’s New Orleans Kitchen. We worked closely on a daily basis and he created my web presence. Great job, Gentry!

Andrea Audibert, Creator of Nina’s New Orleans Kitchen Lifestyle and Cooking Brand

If you’re in need of a Business Coach, this is the guy to call. He helped me!

Courtney D. McWilliams, Founder and CEO of Mary Mac’s Doggie Retreat

Thank you for helping get Poppa C's off the ground. I remember everything you used to tell me about posting and sharing my stories. You were right. So, thanks!

Clarence Robinson, Chef and Founder of Poppa C’s BBQ

Thanks, Gentry! We are happy to have worked with you!

point2point Central, New Orleans-based Web Design Company

We had a great time working with you!! And we're so grateful for all of your encouragement, support, and brilliant ideas!

Kimberly Muller, Owner of Out of the Ashes Pottery and Co-founder of Artworks Studios

Thank you Gentry Bronson and Alex Aspinall for your beautiful work. I'm so proud of this site and have had such great comments about it!

Liliana Aranda, Owner and CEO of Faces by Liliana and Atelier Liliana

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The Sweat Lodge in My Backyard (Memoir)

The Sweat Lodge in My Backyard (Memoir)

When I was a kid, I always tried to be normal but it never worked. My lemonade stand was in the center of a cornfield. I often threw the football to myself. And sometimes I wore a Mustang Ranch T-shirt to school, which was a gift my dad acquired from an infamous...

The End of Being Human (Music Memoir)

The End of Being Human (Music Memoir)

I woke up in an empty room on a hardwood floor with a terrible hangover. It was 11:00 am in Amsterdam. The door rattled and was followed by a loud knock, knock! A shallow silence followed. Then, knock, knock, knock! “Gentry! Get up! We’re waiting!” The voice was...

I Befriended a Venomous Viper in a Mayan Cave (Memoir)

I Befriended a Venomous Viper in a Mayan Cave (Memoir)

It was dawn on the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula, and I looked out over the Caribbean in front of me. The sun was rising as the full moon was setting. Those two magnificent orbs in the sky at one time didn’t occur often, but today had a strange kind of magic....

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