Gentry Bronson is a Media and Creative Consultant known internationally for his cinematic music, heart-on-your-sleeve songwriting and passionate performances.

His clients include international child advocate Patty Wetterling, national recording & voiceover artist Marsha Bartenetti, organic pain relief business Savvy Fair, and Sing Out Of Darkness founder and wellness writer Julie Mayhew.

Named by his parents after a hitchhiker, Gentry won early praise as a classical pianist, winning 5 Minnesota Music Teachers Association awards and performing in front of thousands of people as a child. He was a punk poet, singer and composer in Seattle and an Acid Jazz, Drum ‘n’ Bass & Dub DJ in Prague before moving to San Francisco, where he became a multi-media producer. After winning 3 Northern California Songwriters Association awards in 2001, he formed the band the Night Watchmen. He became a solo artist in 2006 and a consultant in 2014.

Gentry’s discography boasts over 100 songs including an English adaptation of the Dutch classic Avond recorded with Jesse Brewster. The song Santa Fe Skywritten and produced with Dave Hoover, was placed in the indie feature film Roxie, which won the Best Feature award at the Bushwick Film Festival in Brooklyn, New York. Hip Hop artist and VH1 reality show star John Brown featured Gentry on the single No Games.

He has performed tours and concerts throughout the United States, Europe and Mexico. His 11 studio records include his last release HUMAN, a 15-song concept album about connection and disconnection in the 21st century. It contains the single Hey Beautiful (featuring Emily Rath).

Gentry’s music releases have been diverse and his style has included alternative, ambient, new classical, indie, rock, roots, punk, americana, cabaret, jazz, blues, experimental and meditation music. He has been compared to artists David Gray, Ben Folds, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Bruce Springsteen, Rufus Wainwright, Marc Cohn, John Mellencamp, George Winston and Ludovico Einaudi.

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